Three major types of UR:

  • Rehabilitation   – Bring sub-standard structures and neighborhoods to a prescribed standard.
  • Conversation     – Involving rehabilitation and spot clearance in order to upgrade the area.
  • Redevelopment – The bulldozer approach involving demolition, clearance and reconstruction of an entire area on a general basis.

Eke Awka


Awka, especially the traditional areas, predated modern urban planning. It’s origin dates back to 1000 AD. This part has no roads, storm water drainage channels, they are also inaccessible to ASWAMA vehicles collecting waste.

Unplanned development comprising areas of modern houses, but without any of the acclaimed public and community services and facilities : roads, flood drainage channels, public spaces, water, electricity, etc. this is the picture in Ifite all the way from Aroma far down to Unizik, up to the Youth Village. Reason for this state of affair is that families and individuals sold out their lands without planning.



Ifite Road


Some areas are planned layouts with provision for wide roads. These are now built-up with decently developed multi-apartments houses. However, these areas are ravaged by menacing flood and rapidly developing gullies. Eg: Ikwodiaku Umukabia layouts in Awka, and Maryland in Amawbia.

The Level of UR needed in these area is construction of roads with storm water drainage channels.

Land Use Map Of Ifite-Awka Slum Area



Plan Of Ifite Slum Area In Awka