Development of Model Layout Designs for Select Precincts In ACT:

Each Precinct in the ACT is planned to be a modern comprehensively serviced urban area clear land use designation – low density and high density residential neighborhoods, public facilities, open/green spaces, commercial and industrial zones. Each Precinct is self-sufficient in terms of utility: with

  • 24 hours electricity supply through use of Dedicated Independent or Captive Power Source.
  • Central utility plant that will contain reticulated water supply.
  • Underground cabling.
  • Water borne sewage system with treatment facilities.
  • Storm water management and disposal system.
  • Covered drains.
  • Public transportation system.
  • Smart city concept – featuring central distribution hub for voice, data and television transmission, warehousing,   workshop facilities, Crime Prevention and Integrated Security system, administrative offices and rapid response   buildings for security and fire related emergencies. 


Proposed Executive Business District (EBD) Layout



Proposed Millennium City Layout