The primary role of this Department is to lead and manage Land Administration functions including maintaining records of lands, Lease Records and land use, researching and processing applications for land use and assisting with community land use planning and Division Order.

This Department is assigned to a team of Lands officers and administrators to ensure compliance with agency policies and standards.

The Land Administration Department is divided into four (4) sub units for effective functioning, as follows;

  • Legal Unit
  • Land Records Unit
  • Land Office
  • Resettlement & Compensation Unit


  • Direct Land Administration leadership team and other staff members of the Department in day-to-day activities.
  • Provide guidance to staff on land administration and other land use best practices.
  • Maintain records of land and land use.

Main Activities

  • Identify and maintain records of lands.
  • Maintain records of land use and areas for potential development.
  • Manage records of land use agreements and contracts.
  • Maintain land use plans.
  • Read, interpret, catalogue and maintain maps, air photography and satellite images.
  • Maintain the land inventory database/records.
  • Process applications for land use.

Main Activities

  • Receive applications for land use.
  • Determine land ownership.
  • Conduct research on land use applications.
  • Identify and consult with stakeholders with authority on land issues.
  • Consult applicable legislation and by-laws concerning land use.
  • Review applications to ensure compliance with land use guidelines and legislation.
  • Perform site inspections when necessary.
  • Submit applications to the appropriate authorities with recommendations to approve or reject the application.
  • Draft and execute approved land use documents.
  • Advise applicants of rejected applications.
  • Process land use documents on behalf of the agency.
  • Assist in community land use planning.

Main Activities

  • Identify land use issues.
  • Conduct research on land use issues and consult with stakeholders.
  • Identify potential land for development or use.
  • Identify other stakeholders.
  • Ensure land use by-laws and policies comply with legislation.
  • Assist with amendments to community land use by-laws.
  • Assist with updates of community land use plans.
  • Design and implement departmental staff development programs.
  • Coordinate special projects/duties, as assigned by the MD/CEO when needed.