The Department of Engineering Services is one of the Technical Departments charged with the responsibility of providing Engineering Infrastructure and services in the Awka Capital Territory (ACT). The mission statement of the Department therefore is to provide functional, efficient and cost effective Engineering Infrastructural Services in the Awka Capital Territory (ACT).

The Department has the statutory responsibility for the Conception, Planning/Design, Procurement and Development of Engineering Infrastructure/services in the Federal Capital City according to the ACT Master Plan. The activities of the Department also include Geological Investigation, Engineering Studies, Engineering Designs, and the Construction/Supervision of Infrastructural Facilities. These facilities include Road Works, Water Supply, Storm and Foul Sewage, Electricity and Telecommunications Systems. Divisions In order to effectively perform its functions, the department of Engineering Services is structured into four (4) divisions


1. HSA/QA & QC 2. Infrastructural Development  3. Engineering Team – CME
4. Quantity Surveying Team


Under policy direction, the department of Engineering services plans, organizes, directs and implements comprehensive strategies and programs for the Engineering Services Department. The Head of Engineering Services is also responsible for ensuring the Department conforms to the Authority’s quality system procedures as documented.



  • Oversees and coordinates all duties pertaining to Engineering Services;
  • Prepares, manages and administers the Engineering Services budget;
  • Prepares specifications and bids for projects;
  • Makes field inspections of public works projects to ascertain status;
  • Establishes broad operating policies and procedures;
  • Handles correspondence, prepares a wide variety of reports on departmental activities as requested;
  • Provides technical direction and support to staff engineers and other departments;
  • Attends a range of project groups and technical meetings;
  • Works with detailed diagrams, plans and drawings;
  • Develops and negotiates project contracts, alongside the Technical Consultants;
  • Recommends the selection of private contractors, engineering consultants, architects, etc. for services, alongside Technical Consultants;
  • Liaises closely with other professionals, including structural engineers, builders, architects, surveyors, and in-house project teams.