Development, Planning & Control Department

This department is currently run by the Head, Development, Planning Control, who reports directly to the Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer of ACTDA.

The HOD DPC supervises the Development, Planning & control office, Inspectorate office, Field Office.

Under policy direction, this office has managed the affairs of the Development Control Team and rendered support to the Managing Director and other Heads in achieving the priorities and objectives of the Authority. The DPC department has enlightened and educated stakeholders on the provisions of the ACTDA Master Plan, which is an on-going process. They also oversee Survey and Land Records unit of the Authority.



  • Manages the Development Control Team and supports other departments in achieving the priorities and objectives of the Authority;
  • Keeps a comprehensive record of land in the city;
  • Manages a caseload of complex and controversial planning applications;
  • Prepares evidence for appeals, inquiries, hearings and written representations;
  • Manages the overall budget for the Development Control Team;
  • Scrutinizes all planning applications, monitors their progress and grant approvals;
  • Co-ordinates, supervises and monitors the work of the Planning Enforcement Officers;
  • Provides statistical data on Development Control;
  • Advises the public, developers, statutory bodies and other interested parties on matters relating to the control and enforcement of development in conjunction with the Legal Unit;
  • Contributes to the preparation of policy statements and development briefs;
  • Provides high standards of design for development proposed in the city;
  • Responds to requests for services and complaints relevant to Development Control;
  • The HOD Prepares reports for legal proceedings and attend court as necessary and where appropriate as an expert witness;
  • Provides effective leadership and strong performance management of the Development Control Team using service planning, budget management, risk management, performance management, performance measurement and team meetings. This includes planning for and leading the team towards the future;
  • Encourages a learning culture and positively manages the training and development of the Development Control Team staff to ensure staff maintains technical and professional competence;
  • Makes sure the Development Control Team offers a customer focused service and strives to be innovative in its search for continuous improvement;
  • Advises applicants of rejected applications



In line with the management strides for improvements, the Department has been organized to discharge its functions more efficiently. For effective discharge of these responsibilities, the Department operates under a 3 divisional structure as outlined below:

  • Planning & Control Office
  • Inspectorate
  • Field Office