My desire to build a world-class State Capital befitting of Ndi Anambra began to take root long before I was sworn in as The Executive Governor of Anambra State. As a result, I did say in my inaugural speech that my administration will remodel and redesign Awka Capital Territory to meet the structural and aesthetic requirement of a 21st Century City.

To address this challenge, I immediately set up the Awka Capital Territory Development Authority with a mandate to prepare a Masterplan for the Capital Territory, spearhead and oversee the preparation and implementation of the Masterplan. The first milestone by ACTDA in achieving this laudable objective is the production of this Development Control Manual which was produced to guide development in the Awka Capital Territory, by setting out the basis for deciding planning applications or conditions to be attached to planning permissions. It details the Design and Development Guidelines that are very necessary in the execution of policies and sets out a number of detailed planning and environmental technicalities.

The document commends itself to the widest readership through the use of simple language to address intricate issues towards making them easily comprehensible. With the range of issues covered, the Manual is a guide-book for all professionals in the construction industry. On the part of my administration, we will give every support necessary to ensure full implementation of this Manual through the Capital Territory.

It is a worthy stride on the part of the Board of Awka Capital Territory Development Authority to have come up with this production. No less is expected of them as seasoned professionals in their individual rights.

May I finally recommend the use of this manual by all, not only investors and professionals in the building industry but also students and the general public.
December, 2014.

[Excerpt from Pg 9, Development Control Manual for Awka Capital Territory]

The DCM is obtainable ‘ONLY’ from ACTDA



Presentation of the completed Development Control Manual to HE. Gov. Willie Obiano, by Dr. E.C.N. Ojiako, Chairman, DCM Committee of the ACTDA Board.


DCM presentation speech to HE. Gov. Willie Obiano, by ARc. Michael M. Okonkwo, MD/CEO, ACTDA.

  • Development controls have been defined as the mechanism through which entire process of urban development is regulated to achieve the objective of promoting overall benefit of the society and creating a distinct image of the city. It includes guiding the development and use of land, curbing misuse of land and promoting rational and orderly development of built environment.
  • Thus, ACTDA produced a Development Control Manual geared towards

–Ensuring orderliness that will propel sustainable development in Awka Capital Territory

–The concept of Zoning, covenants and other forms of regulating agreement used to guide development

–The control of land use and institution of compliance with space standards and approved designs – the enforcement of building regulations