Under policy direction, the Administration Department plans, organizes, and directs the operations of the Administration, recruitment and training of personnel and provides a variety of support functions to other departments; and performs related duties as required.

The Department of Administration is responsible for the effective and efficient management of materials and day to day running of the ACTDA. This is done through the provision of manpower needs and the execution of other administrative services and functions.

The Administration arm comprises of three units which are Administrative office, procurement and Supply Chain Desk, and Clerical Office.


  • The Department Directs staff in the planning, coordination, and provision of a variety of support services to other Departments including but not limited to: information systems, risk management, facilities maintenance, purchasing, property management, vehicle operations and maintenance, mail and reprographics, telephone services, and communications.
  •  Oversees the development, modification, and implementation of operational and administrative policies and procedures.
  • Serves on committees that formulate policies related to departmental services.
  • Manages relationships with contractors, vendors, etc.
  • Responds to service requests referred by subordinate Officers.
  • Directs staff in the preparation and monitoring of department’s budget; determination of appropriate level of services and rates.
  • Develops performance measures; analysis of services provided to ensure cost efficiency and adequate levels of service.
  • Facilitates the review of subordinates’ and managers’ budget requests to determine the need for requested items, their priority, and alternate sources of funding.
  • Provide clear and effective direction to staff; interpret and apply applicable laws, rules, and policies.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with Departments, Agencies, private contractors, businesses, and general public.